Thomas Cook Group — Greed At Our Heart

Support the Thomas Cook protests

Please join us on the street to protest about Thomas Cook’s refusal to pay its cleaners a living wage.

We will be demonstrating every Friday evening till the cleaners get their increase. Join us from 4.30 outside Thomas Cook, 200 Aldersgate — and then come round the corner with us to protest against the racism and bullying at the Museum of London from 5. Two for the price of one!

Come along for half an hour, make some noise, and let Thomas Cook know what you think of their refusal to pay.


Thomas Cook is one of the UK’s biggest travel companies. In 2017 it announced an underlying profit of over £300 million. Its publicity slogan is ‘Customer At Our heart’.

The cleaners at Thomas Cook’s landmark London offices at 200 Aldersgate don’t agree. They think Thomas Cook has greed at its heart.

Why else does it refuse to pay the cleaners the London Living Wage?
The cleaners have had enough. They’re striking for a fair wage, and they’d like you to support them.

Please help by writing to Peter Fankhauser, Thomas Cook Group’s CEO. Tell him you won’t buy their services until tey pay their cleaners properly. His email address is

You can also support the protests we’ll be holding outside Thomas Cook’s landmark offices at 200 Aldersgate. Come along and make some noise.

We’ve also set up a petition at Please sign it to let Thomas Cook know what you think of their greed.

Please also consider donating to our campaign fund by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. This would really help us carry on the campaign till justice is done.

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