Fighting Racism at the Museum of London

Museum of racists flyer 0.1

Almost a year ago in June 2017, our members employed by DOC Cleaning at the Museum of London came to us with stories of racism and bullying.

We contacted both DOC and the Museum about it, but nothing was done to put a stop to it. Even when our members began a formal grievance against their manager, the issue was swept under the carpet and ignored.

When we protested to try and get the issue taken seriously, the Museum wrote to us accusing us of acting like terrorists and threatening us with legal action if we did it again. The Museum can’t think much of their customers, whom they seem to think struggle to tell the difference between a group of protesting workers blowing vuvuzelas and a group of terrorists armed with guns and bombs.

It seems that the museum is more interested in trying to keep us quiet and in protecting its reputation than in doing something about the racism and bullying it’s tolerating under its own roof.

As for DOC, they simply refuse to take the allegations of racism and bullying seriously, in spite of the increasing number of cleaners suffering from it.

What will it take for DOC and the Museum to clean their act up?

We are determined to keep protesting until something gets done. Join us to support the workers fighting for fair treatment. They have the right to work in a racism-free environment.


Support the Museum of London Protests

Please join us on the street to protest about the Museum of London racism and bullying.

We will be demonstrating every Friday evening till the racism stops and Charles is back at work. Join us from 4.30 outside Thomas Cook, 200 Aldersgate, and then outside the Museum of London from 5. Come along for half an hour, make some noise, and let the Museum know what you think about their tolerance of racism.

Hope to see you there.

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