Aviva – So Big They Named A Building After It!

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Why the Aviva Cleaners Are Going on Strike

The St Helens building in the City of London used to be called the Aviva tower, after the UK’s biggest general insurance company.

It has a lot of glass, which takes a fair bit of cleaning.

Aviva made a profit of over £3 billion in 2018. But it won’t provide the money to fund reasonable benefits for its cleaners – the kind of benefits most people take for granted. Like sick pay, cover pay, and paid breaks during the day.

And the cleaners are having to work with potentially dangerous, untested electrical equipment. Machines are missing essential parts, vacuum cleaners are not serviced, and appliances are untested and potentially unsafe.

Imagine spending all day working with toxic chemicals, and doing heavy lifting and scrubbing. In short, doing a job many go out of their way to avoid.

The least a cleaner can expect in return is reasonable treatment and adequate equipment.

ISS, the Aviva cleaners’ employer, provides neither. No sick pay – and cleaning is the kind of work that will make you sick; no paid breaks or cover pay; all these things were in place until ISS took over the cleaning contract.

The cleaners don’t even have proper cloths to work with.

It clearly isn’t a question of money. Aviva is a massive insurance company with profits inthe billions, while in 2018 ISS reported a net operating profit of around £430 million.

So what exactly is wrong with these companies?

Why do they refuse to take care of their poorest workers or buy essential equipment?

What possible excuse can there be?

So come on Aviva and ISS – sort out your cleaners.

You can afford it!

Here’s how you can support the Aviva cleaners…

  • Support the strikes
    The cleaners will be on strike on Thursday November 28th.
    Join the protests at the St Helen’s Building, No. 1 Undershaft, EC3P 3DQ
    If the dispute remains unresolved, there will be further strikes and protests to follow. Check back here for details.

  • Write to Aviva and ISS
    They can both be reached through their Twitter accounts.
    Aviva’s is @avivaplc, and ISS’s is @issworld

  • Donate to the campaign
    Campaigning is expensive and when workers go on strike they don’t get paid.
    You can donate via this link, or by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.
    Please give whatever you can afford – every penny is appreciated, and helps the cleaner to continue their struggle.

Aviva-ISS campaign leaflet 0.2 back

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