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Efraín dismissed! Please join the Valentine’s Day Protest!

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On January 10th, Efraín Posso was dismissed as a result of third party pressure from Addleshaw Goddard.

No evidence and no witnesses were produced to support the allegation that he was found asleep during his shift. But that didn’t stop Addleshaw Goddard insisting on his removal, nor Incentive complying.

It’s probably just a coincidence that he’s a trade union rep and activist who isn’t afraid to tell his managers when he thinks they’ve made a mistake.

As it happens, they’ve made plenty of mistakes — the AG night shift cleaners have been campaigning for over two years for the London Living Wage and reasonable working conditions. But sacking Efraín might turn out to be one of the biggest of all, because they definitely haven’t heard the last of it.

AG Night Cleaners Union Rep Efraín suspended!

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Yesterday we received the shocking news that the Addleshaw Goddard night shift cleaners’ union rep Efrain has been suspended.

Efrain’s employer Incentive FM says the suspension is in response to a request from Addleshaw Goddard to remove him from site.

Incentive has offered no explanation for the request – but it seems an unlikely coincidence that he just happens to be a union rep. And that he and his colleagues have been in dispute over pay and conditions at Addleshaw Goddard for over two years. And that after a recent strike and protest, an online article revealed that he was a trade union activist.

Please help us get Efrain reinstated.

Support the protest
Wednesday December 11th at 9am
Addleshaw Goddard, Milton Gate, EC1Y 4AG

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Strike postponed pending London Living Wage announcement – Weekly protests to continue

The background

Addleshaw Goddard likes to describe itself as a ‘premium business law firm’. Its clients range from investment banks and property developers to household names such as JD Sports and the VW-Audi Group.

As you might expect from that client list, AG isn’t short of money. A recent report announced that the company had achieved the targets of its five-year financial plan a year ahead of schedule.

Yet its cleaning contractor Incentive FM Group – itself a multi-million pound company – refuses to pay Addleshaw Goddard’s seven night-shift cleaners the London Living Wage. The cleaners are also looking for an equal annual leave entitlement of 25 days each, since at the moment, some benefit from more leave than others. And they are also looking for a contractual sick pay arrangement similar to that enjoyed by their managers.

After campaigning for over two years the cleaners have had enough, and planned a four-day strike from September 1st – 5th.

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Some success!

In July 2019 legal media and Law Gazette picked up this action and drew attention to the campaign, that for two years night-shift cleaners have asked for the London Living Wage, for contractual sick pay and for equal holiday entitlements- in short, to be treated as equal to day-shift workers.

Following this, in the last week of July Incentive FM have confirmed that from September, the night-shift staff will be seeing a 5% increase in pay, which will bring their salaries in line with the London Living Wage.

This is good news, but it does not go far enough.

Firstly, we need a commitment that pay will continue to increase in line with the London Living Wage as this is reviewed year on year, reflecting the real cost of living in the capital.

Secondly, Incentive FM have made no commitment regarding sick pay or holiday leave.

For these reasons, the strike was planned for 1-5 September.

Hopeful signs…

However, Incentive FM have indicated that they may discuss meeting the London Living Wage when it is announced, and we have therefore decided to postpone our strike to conserve our energy and resources for when we need it.

We will remain in touch with Incentive FM, and will update this page once the London Living Wage is announced in November 2019. At this point, if Incentive do not agree to meet the London Living Wage, we will need to strike- watch this space!

In the meantime, weekly protests will continue as before, every Friday at 8am outside Addleshaw Goddard’s offices at Milton Gate, 60 Chiswell Street, London

How to get involved

  • Donate to the campaign fund
    Organising a campaign costs money – and all your donations are greatly appreciated by the cleaners.

    You can donate here or by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

  • Follow progress with the strike and join us
    We will resume industrial action unless the workers achieve their goals in November. Check back here regularly for details.

  • Write to Incentive and Addleshaw Goddard
    Incentive can be contacted at – when you write you could ask them why they expect excellence from their cleaners but aren’t prepared to offer it in return!They also have a web-based contact form at and their Twitter handle is @IncentiveFM

    Addleshaw Goddard don’t provide a public email address, but they do have a web contact form at

    Please tell both companies what you think of their treatment of the night-shift cleaners, and express your hope that they meet our requests once the new London Living Wage is announced.

  • Post on social media

    Please view & share links to the protest information on your social media.

    The permanent link to this page is

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