No way to run a school!

The cleaners at Highgate Wood School have been trying to improve their working conditions since May. They’re just looking for the kind of normal things you probably take for granted. The London Living Wage, for example. Equal sick pay and holiday entitlements. Extra pay for extra work. The equipment and materials they need to do their job.

But apparently even this is too much for their employer, Lakethorne Group services.

When we first approached Lakethorne, they couldn’t have been more helpful. They promised all sorts of improvements. We even arranged to meet and discuss the problems at the school. Sadly, it all turned out to be lies. They cancelled the discussions at the last minute, after deciding they were unwilling to talk directly to a union. And none of the promised changes have happened.

The school itself is no better. Like Lakethorne, they’ve put on a good show of concern. But their fine words have turned out to be nothing more than empty promises.

Six months after the cleaners started their campaign, precisely nothing has changed.

The cleaners are going on strike on November 12th. Here’s how you can support them:

  • Join the protests
    The cleaners will be protesting at the school all day on Tuesday November 12th. Come along and show your support.

  • Write to the school
    Tell them you support the cleaners. Their email address is and their Twitter handle is @highgatewood.

    Why not write to Lakethorne as well. The email address is

  • Donate to the campaign

    Your donation helps the cleaners to keep fighting for their rights. Anything you can give, no matter how small, makes a real difference.

HWS Strike flyer 0.3 front

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