Trouble at Google…

Big trouble is brewing at Google, where a whole lot of issues have been compounded by the suspension of two CAIWU members – the two elected workers’ reps – on dubious grounds.

Mary Hanbury has written about it at length for the Business Insider:

Google Protest flyer 01-10-19 0.5 backGoogle Protest flyer 01-10-19 0.5 front

We have also published a piece on our members’ case with the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre. You can see our submissions, and the responses from Principle and Google, here.

Following the dismissal of union reps by contractor Principle Clean and ongoing issues with working conditions, CAIWU members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action, campaigning for:

  • Bonuses without unreasonable conditions
  • A contractual sick-pay arrangement
  • Acceptable annual leave period
  • The reinstatement of union representatives

A strike date will be announced soon!

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