Addleshaw Goddard; Incentive FM and the London Living Wage

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Incentive FM’s vision is “to have staff who love working for us and clients who love working with us”. It proudly claims to be a Living Wage employer, and it even highlights on its website that it has a London Living Wage contract at London City & Guilds. But for two years its night-cleaning staff at Addleshaw Goddard have not received the living wage!

Incentive FM Group’s failure to pay its night shift cleaning operatives at Addleshaw Goddard the London Living Wage, its failure to award them an equal number of annual leave days per year, and its failure to offer them a contractual sick pay agreement at Addleshaw Goddard are unacceptable.

Incentive’s client Addleshaw Goddard specializes in “employee incentives”, yet they are not demanding that their cleaners enjoy even basic rights.

As a spokesperson put it,  ‘each one is blaming the other. Incentive says it would gladly pay its workers properly if only its client would come up with the money. Meanwhile, Addleshaw Goddard claims only that it works with its service partners regarding budgets. The implication being that it is up to the service provider to determine the rate of pay its workers receive.’

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In July 2019 legal media and Law Gazette picked up this action and drew attention to the night-shift cleaners’ two-year campaign for the London Living Wage, for contractual sick pay and for equal holiday entitlements – in short, to be treated as equal to day-shift workers.

Following this, in the last week of July Incentive FM confirmed that from September, the night-shift staff will be seeing a 5% increase in pay, which will bring their salaries in line with the London Living Wage.

This is good news, but it does not go far enough.

Firstly, we need a commitment that pay will continue to increase in line with the London Living Wage as this is reviewed year on year, reflecting the real cost of living in the capital.

Secondly, Incentive FM have made no commitment regarding sick pay or holiday leave.

We will remain in touch with Incentive FM, and will update this page once the London Living Wage is announced in November 2019. At this point, if Incentive do not agree to meet the London Living Wage, we may need to strike – watch this space!

Join us at Addleshaw Goddard to support our members’ fair demands for decent and equal working conditions

We will be supporting our members and striking at the Addleshaw Goddard offices on Friday, 9th August.

Come and join us and make it clear that cleaners deserve the same employment rights as any other staff member!

For more information and conversation about the protest, please find our Facebook event here, or contact us here.

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