The Patisserie Valerie Pastry Chefs have had enough

We were recently approached by the pastry chefs at Patisserie Valerie in Brushfields Street, London E1 6AA.

We could hardly believe the story they told us:

  • People getting injured at work because of inadequate health and safety
  • No proper ventilation in the kitchen
  • Constant last minute changes to working schedules
  • A vermin-infested break area hardly bigger than a shoe-box
  • Workers being instructed to stay and keep working at the end of their shifts
  • Victimization and racist abuse by management

The workers have had enough. They’re planning a protest for Saturday December 8th at 2pm and they need your support.

Please come along and show them you’re behind them.

PV protest flyer 0.4 front

PV protest flyer 0.4 back

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