What the f**k is a ‘Housekeeping Ambassador’?

We didn’t have a clue either. Turns out it’s a supervisor with a fancy name – someone who’s paid to walk around checking up on the performance of people who are paid less money to do a lot more actual work.

We found out because ISS Cleaning have just hired some Housekeeping Ambassadors for their cleaning contract at HSBC. Eight of them, to be precise.

That’s right–having slashed the cleaning staff over the last year to the point where they can barely keep up with their work, ISS are now paying eight new recruits to check that the remaining 25 cleaners are doing their job properly.

We hope it’s money well spent. But we doubt it. Our members certainly aren’t convinced. They think that if ISS want higher cleaning standards at HSBC, then ISS should pay for more cleaners, not more supervisors with ridiculous job titles.HSBC HA flyer 15-06-18 0.3

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