It’s a Blooming Disgrace

Until recently, Edison Guerra had worked for 14 years as a coffee maker for Compass Group at Bloomberg, first at their old London offices in Finsbury Square, and since October 2017 at the new HQ in Queen Victoria Street.

Now, Edison doesn’t have a job at all. Last month he was fired after a misunderstanding over new arrangements that had apparently been put in place for the new offices. Arrangements that nobody had thought to tell him about.

For most of those fourteen years, Edison had been cleaning the coffee machines at 5pm. So when Michael Bloomberg came looking for coffee for himself and his guests at 5.30 on April 30th 2018, there wasn’t any because Edison was in the middle of cleaning the machines. Just as usual.

Only apparently things had changed since the move, and now he wasn’t supposed to start cleaning up till 6pm. It’s a shame nobody had got around to telling him. In fact, Compass gave him no retraining at all. He received none of the information that you might expect—the kind of information necessary to help familiarise him with his new environment. As far as he was concerned, he was expected to continue carrying out his work just as he had done at Finsbury Square.

He certainly learned the hard way. Compass dismissed him for refusing to carry out a reasonable instruction from management—an instruction he maintains he never received. Apparently along with all the usual qualities Compass expect from their employees, they are also required to be psychic. How else are they meant to know things without being told?

We’ve written to Michael Bloomberg about the situation, asking him to help Edison get his job back. We haven’t received a reply yet, but when we do, we’ll publish it here.

In the meantime, our letter is below. If you want to write one of your own to show your support for Edison, Michael Bloomberg’s address is:

Edison would be glad of your support. He needs his job back.


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