Press Release: HSBC Cleaners Face Redundancy

HSBC cleaners at 8 Canada Square are facing redundancy.

Facility Services company ISS, the cleaners’ employer, announced on Thursday that up to eight cleaners face redundancy as part of its plans to restructure cleaning services at HSBC. Cleaners at 8 Canada Square in Canary Wharf have been offered the opportunity to apply for voluntary redundancy, despite ISS’s future plans for the site not have been made available to them in writing.

The proposed restructuring is expected to take place in June, leaving the cleaners little time to assess their options and make a decision that will significantly affect their futures.

Many of the affected cleaners are members of CAIWU, the Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers’ Union, and have approached the union for support in facing the proposed cuts. However, ISS has so far refused to give CAIWU official recognition despite 18 of their staff being members. ISS’s decision has left these workers to face the challenges of restructuring without formal representation.

CAIWU intends to oppose the proposed redundancies. It plans to ballot its members about strike action, and also expects to hold public demonstrations against the cuts throughout May.

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