Mitie Difficult Times…

Imagine being Tedy Bariqui Leiva last week. On Friday, he and his colleagues employed by Mitie at Ofcom in Southwark Bridge Road were told that after months of campaigning they were finally being awarded the London Living Wage.

As you can imagine, Tedy and his colleagues had a wonderful bank holiday weekend. But when he went back to work on Tuesday morning, Tedy found out that he was being suspended. Allegedly for harassment and bullying of his work colleagues, though nobody as far as we know has ever complained about his behaviour.

The truth seems to be that this is a trumped up charge by Mitie. A punishment for Tedy’s union activities. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d done something like it.

We’re going to fight them all the way, and we need your support.

It’s Mitie who are the real bullies. Please support the Ofcom cleaners.

Tedy Flyer 05-05-2017 0.3

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