Hypocrisy still rules at UCLU

For an institution that likes to make so much of its commitment to fairness and social justice, UCLU apparently has remarkably little sense of irony. Despite having chosen to designate March ‘Black Lives Matter’ awareness month, it is at the same time slashing the terms and conditions of its cleaners—most of whom are immigrants from amongst the poorest members of society. UCL students clearly want to see their cleaners treated properly — they passed a resolution to that effect just a couple of weeks ago. Now, if only that union—the one whose policy commits it to campaigning ‘for equal rights for cleaning and outsourcing staff including fair pay, terms & conditions at UCL’—could manage the same, perhaps we might see some progress. We will be supporting our members to resist these cuts all the way. Join us if you can, and help to end this ongoing farce. UCLU’s behaviour would be funny, if it wasn’t so outrageous and indefensible.

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