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Standard membership of the Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union is available to all London-based workers in London's service industry. If this is you, please register your details in the form below. You will then be taken to the web site of GoCardless, our Direct Debit provider, where you will be asked to register your bank details and confirm that you will pay your monthly membership fee of £9 by direct debit.

If you prefer, you can download a PDF form here
to print out, fill in and post back to us.



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About you
About your employer
Please enter the details of your employer here. This is the company that pays your wages, for example Sodexo or AIM Cleaning, rather than the place where you actually go to work.
Choose your employer from the list. If your employer isn't listed, please select 'Add your employer' and type their name in the box below.
This is the name of the company where you do your work, not your employer. For example, if you are employed and paid by Starlight Cleaning but go to work at Facebook's offices in Brock Street, you should enter Facebook here.
What do you do for a living? For example cleaner, supervisor, caretaker. Please choose the closest option from the list. If the name of your job isn't shown, please select 'Other' and type it in the box below.
This is the address of the place where you go to work. So if you entered Facebook above, you should enter the street address of the Facebook building where you do your work here.
This is the postcode of the building where you go to work.
IMPORTANT DIRCT DEBIT INFORMATION After you click submit, please keep your browser open. You will be redirected automatically to the GoCardless web site, where you must complete your Direct Debit mandate for your union fees of £9 per month. If you do not complete the direct debit mandate, your membership will not be validated. IMPORTANT: on the GoCardless web site, please DO NOT check the box marked 'More than one person is required to authorise Direct Debits' unless the bank account details you are providing are for a joint bank account and both people must authorise direct debits from the account. Checking this box unnecessarily may delay the start of your CAIWU membership.