Press Releases

Links to a selection of our press releases


BMA: Budgets first, workers second! 26.01.2021


Addleshaw Goddard:

Cleaners to strike at Addleshaw Goddard - 30.07.2019

CAIWU postpones cleaners' strike at Addleshaw Goddard - 30.08.2019

CAIWU rep dismissed from Addleshaw Goddard - 15.01.2020


Broadgate Estates:

Covid-19 hazard emerges at Broadgate Estates - 06.11.2020



Facebook cleaners to strike on December 1st - 03.11.2017

Facebook London cleaning jobs at risk - 28.10.2020



Industrial action at Google inevitable - 10.10.2019

Two union reps dismissed at Google - 29.10.2019



HSBC cleaners face redundancy - 05.05.2017

HSBC cleaners to take industrial action - 22.05.2017


Highgate Wood School:

Cleaners to strike at Highgate Wood School - 12.11.2019

Highgate Wood School cleaners plan second strike - 19.11.2019


Italian Consulate:

Cleaners illegally dismissed at Italian Consulate - 27.04.2019


Kier & ISS:

Kier & ISS launch co-ordinated attack on CAIWU - 02.03.2018


Museum of London:

Racism and bullying at the Museum of London - 24.05.2018



Nike Town cleaners campaign for London Living Wage - 03.11.2017



Ofcom cleaners declare official dispute - 09.06.2017

Ofcom cleaner dismissed following London Living Wage victory - 31.08.2018


Royal Opera House:

CAIWU members dismissed in Royal Opera House purge - 16.03.2018


University of East London:

Cleaners plan public protest at UEL - 03.03.2020


Virgo Fidelis School:

Cleaners face redundancy at Virgo Fidelis School - 22.01.2019



Cleaners purged from WeWork London sites - 20.06.2019

Street protests to continue after WeWork cleaners' purge - 24.09.2019