Kuwait Investment Office cleaners under attack

Cleaners employed by Julius Rutherfoord at the Kuwait Investment Office are under attack.

Two years ago they won the London Living Wage from Tenon FM, their employer at the time. Now their new employer, Julius Rutherfoord Cleaning, is refusing to honour the agreement.

Julius Rutherfoord is also increasing the cleaners’ workloads.

The cleaners’ rights are supposed to be protected under TUPE regulations, which state that the terms and conditions of workers transferred to a new employer are guaranteed, and can’t be changed without consultation.

Julius Rutherfoord seems to think it’s above the law.

The cleaners are fighting back, and they need your support. Here’s what you can do:

  • Join the protestsThe Cleaners will be protesting outside the KuwaitInvestment Office at 15 Carter Lane, EC4V 5EY. Join them & show your support. Watch this page for full details.
  • Post on Social MediaPlease view and share this campaign page on your social media. The link is https://caiwu.org.uk/kio/
  • Donate to the campaign fundCampaigning is expensive. Especially when it involves going on strike, which the KIO cleaners might well end up having to do. They need you to dig deep to help them win their struggle. To donate, please use the button at the bottom of the page or click this link. Every penny you give will help the cleaners to win their campaign.Thank you for your support.