Noonan Bidvest spreads confusion over Facebook redundancy threat

Bidvest Noonan has further confused the situation around its recent threat of cleaning redundancies at Facebook London.

Over the last few weeks, the facilities company has been conducting consultations with cleaners as part of what it describes as a restructuring process which has placed up to 15 cleaning jobs at risk. They say the restructuring is necessary as a result of the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following a campaign by the cleaners and CAIWU, Noonan Bidvest has sought to clarify its intentions, but has only created more confusion. Taking issue with posts on CAIWU's social media pages, the company says that its clients JLL and Facebook 'have stated that no jobs will be lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic.' However, it has failed to make any such commitment of its own, saying only that it intends to attempt to redeploy where it can.

Our message to Noonan Bidvest is simple – take the redundancies off the table. Your words of appreciation for the efforts of your cleaners are meaningless while their jobs are still at risk.

We have a message for JLL and Facebook too: you can't hide behind your contractors. Saying no jobs will be lost due to Covid is all very well, but what is such a statement worth if you intend to stand by while your contractors cut jobs on your behalf? It's time to put your money where your mouths are and pay up to keep the cleaners at work.

On Tuesday we contacted Robert Cookson, Facebook's EMEA VP for Real Estate and Facilities, to try and clarify the company's position on these events. We are still awaiting Mr Cookson's response.