Facebook & To Go Micro Kitchens: Giving with one hand, taking with the other

Catering services at Facebook’s London HQ in Rathbone Square are provided by a company called To Go Micro Kitchens.

To Go provides instant drinks and snacks out of machines and fridges maintained by a number of workers who ran a successful London Living Wage campaign in February 2019.

Since then, the workers have been victimised, bullied, threatened with dismissal, and had their workloads increased.

Now they have had enough of being bullied and victimised for standing up for their rights.

One was recently given a written warning without any kind of process and without being given a chance to present their evidence.


To Go only withdrew the warning after CAIWU got involved to remind them that they can’t just go round acting like feudal overlords.

To Go is acting like it’s above the law, and the workers have decided enough is enough. They are campaigning:

  • For the London Living Wage to be backdated to November 2018 in line with cleaners and other Facebook contractors
  • To keep their current working conditions
  • For extra pay for extra work — or for To Go to provide cover during absences due to leave or sickness
  • For working at one-off events in addition to their regular duties to be optional — To Go is trying to make it compulsory
  • To be able to work at a reasonable, sustainable pace — To Go is putting them under pressure to work impossibly fast

Support the To Go workers on May 1st – Join their protest

Where: 1 Rathbone Square, London W1T 1QU

When: Wednesday May 1st at 1.30pm