WeWork & CCM: The Ugly Face of Co-Working

WeWork: the ugly face of co-working

WeWork loves to sell itself as a modern, ethical company – a company that’s all about community.

‘We are in this together’ shouts its website. ‘We always look out for one another.’Unless you happen to be a cleaner, that is.

Because WeWork’s cleaning contractor CCM has been victimizing its cleaners. Five CAIWU members have lost their jobs in the last few weeks. In each case, a WeWork senior member of staff was involved in the process leading to the dismissal. Following a campaign by CAIWU, one of these workers has been reinstated, but CCM is refusing to reconsider the cases of the other four.

Given all its fine words about its happy community, WeWork probably wouldn’t want people to know what’s really going on behind those shiny glass doors.

It’s a shame they picked on the wrong union — because we have no intention of holding back from publicizing their scandalous employment practices.