Love the workers! Join the Valentine's Day Protest for Efraín

Until last week, CAIWU member and representative Efraín Posso worked for Incentive FM at Addleshaw Goddard, one of the UK’s biggest legal companies.

But on January 10th, Efraín was dismissed due to third party pressure from AG, after he was accused of being asleep when he should have been working.

As Efraín says, when would he have time to go to sleep? He doesn’t even have time to sit down.

Incentive couldn’t produce any evidence to support the allegation, but that didn’t stop them dismissing Efraín after AG said they didn’t want him back on site.

It’s probably just a coincidence that he’s a trade union rep and activist who isn’t afraid to tell his managers when he thinks they’ve made a mistake.

As it happens, they’ve made plenty of mistakes — the AG night shift cleaners having been campaigning for over two years for the London Living Wage and reasonable working conditions. But sacking Efraín might turn out to be one of the biggest of all, because they definitely haven’t heard the last of it.