Dismissed Facebook supervisor's case given tribunal date

Dismissed Facebook cleaning supervisor Guillermo Camacho's case will be heard by the employment tribunal on October 21st.

Camacho, who was put on notice of dismissal last month for allegedly poor performance of his duties, is claiming interim relief on the basis that the real reason for his dismissal was his trade union activities. Before his dismissal Camacho was the Facebook cleaners' union rep. He was also instrumental in organising a number of protests against excessive workloads at Facebook, about which he and his colleagues have bee campaigning for many months.

Even without their rep, the cleaners are continuing to fight back against the workloads, which have brought a surge in reports of health conditions ranging from exhaustion, severe back pain and stress to internal bleeding. One cleaner ended up in A&E recently as a result of extreme pain in the shoulder, arm and hand. They have declared a formal dispute with their employer, Churchill Cleaning, and will be voting in the coming weeks about possible strike action. In the meantime the protests are set to continue.

Please support them in any way you can.