'Removed' Facebook union rep faces decision day


Today is the day Guillermo Camacho will learn what his future holds.

The CAIWU trade union rep at Facebook's Brock Street offices in central London was removed from his position just over a month ago by his employer, Churchill Cleaning. His removal was made at the request of JLL, Facebook's facilities management company – a so-called 'third party pressure' removal. The official reason given by JLL for the request  involved concerns over Guillermo's performance of his duties – yet in seven years at Facebook, he has a previously unblemished record, and he was able to provide valid mitigating explanations for every accusation leveled against him.

CAIWU believes the real reason for his removal was his role as union rep, in which he was a key organiser of the Facebook cleaners' recent resistance to ever-increasing workloads.

Guillermo, whose situation was covered recently in the Guardian, has been on garden leave ever since being removed, while Churchill ostensibly makes efforts to find him alternative suitable employment. Today he will attend a final hearing at which he will learn his fate.

The prospects do not look promising. So far, nothing suitable has been identified, and there is every likelihood that by the end of the day he will be without employment of any kind. If he is dismissed, it will not be the first time that companies have colluded in order to evade employment law and secure the illegal dismissal of a troublesome employee. But if Churchill and JLL think they can make Guillermo leave quietly and frighten his colleagues into compliance, they are in for a shock.

The campaign will carry on until Guillermo gets justice.

Support the protests this Friday – September 17th.

4pm: 10 Brock Street, NW1 3FG

5pm: 1 Rathbone Square, W1T 1FB