BMA talks scheduled for September 30th

Three-way talks between CAIWU, the BMA and CityWest Cleaning over the BMA cleaners' future will take place on Thursday September 30th.

The cleaners, who have been on furlough throughout the pandemic, faced the possibility of redundancies earlier in the year. The BMA justified this threat by arguing it needed to cut costs and its prestigious HQ at BMA House in Tavistock Square was hardly being used during the pandemic. But after a strong campaign, the BMA and CityWest backed down and agreed to extend the cleaners' furlough until the end of the scheme.

That time has now arrived, and all possibilities are back on the table. However, CityWest's contract with the BMA is about to end, and the cleaners are campaigning to be brought back in house. They are arguing that this will not only save the BMA money, but will result in a better service and reduce the workplace unrest that often results from outsourcing.

CAIWU has prepared a detailed report on outsourcing, outlining how bringing cleaners and other workers back in house can benefit client organisations. This has already been demonstrated at institutions like the University of London and associated colleges, where many cleaners and security workers have successfully been restored to direct contracts. The full report will be available here soon.