CAIWU BMA Announcement 28.01.21

From the “shadow of vast despair”, CAIWU would like to announce that the British Medical Association have done the right thing on this occasion and instructed their outsourced company, City West Services, to reinstate the 30 essential workers/cleaners at BMA House in central London (agreeing to cover their salaries up until the end of the current furlough). As such, CAIWU will now put its campaign on hold, at least up until such time as it becomes necessary to remind all those currently outsourcing their essential workers/cleaners that the only proper option is to put people first, budget second and bring them in-house with the respect they deserve.

On request, the CAIWU essential workers/cleaners at the BMA have decided to remove social media posts linked to the BMA/CWS campaign but these have been archived and catalogued and can be seen by request.