Facebook Cleaners – here we go again

Protest planned for 10 Brock Street at 4pm on July 21st

We all thought the saga of the Facebook cleaners during the pandemic was over when they successfully resisted Noonan's attempts to implement a full-scale reorganisation during the summer of 2020.

Sadly, it hasn't turned out that way. When Noonan's contract with Facebook ended in January, it was taken over by the Churchill Group, who have turned out to be at least as bad as Noonan, and possibly worse.

The first thing Churchill did was try to force through a reorganisation of their own. When we pointed out this was in breach of the TUPE regulations that protect workers from unagreed changes to their working conditions following a takeover, Churchill backed off. But only for long enough to come up with a new strategy for extracting more from the cleaners at no extra cost.

This time they've added five entire floors to the cleaners' workload — but have recruited no extra staff to handle the additional work. With the cleaners being told to avoid offices and focus on corridoors, sanitisation and touch-point cleaning, standards have unsuprisingly started to slip. Facebook's building management company has complained about areas not being cleaned properly, and is now trying to stop the cleaners even speaking to each other while at work. They are expected to do almost twice as much work as before — but when we contacted Churchill about the situation, they refused to address our concerns, fobbing us off with a lot of excuses about how the health and wellbeing of their employees is their prime concern.

Call us cynical, but it looks to us as though making as much money as possible is their prime concern. Without any great concern for the consequences.

The cleaners have had enough. Just like last summer, they're taking to the streets again to make their opposition clear — both to Churchill and to everyone at Facebook. The first protest is on July 21st.

Be there if you can. Support the cleaners.


  • Wear a mask
  • Use the provided hand sanitiser
  • Wear a CAIWU viz-vest
    These will be available from the marshals
  • Keep Your Distance
    Stay at least 2m away from anybody you don’t live with
  • Download the Trace & Test App
  • Do as the marshals or police ask
    The CAIWU marshals will be in orange viz-vests
  • If you’re vulnerable or unwell, STAY AWAY
    Especially if you’ve been tested positive for or have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Leave your dog at home
    Even if it normally goes everywhere with you!
  • Read, understand & follow the CAIWU risk assessment:

Stay safe – and help people around you do the same!