Dismissed Facebook supervisor's case given tribunal date

Dismissed Facebook cleaning supervisor Guillermo Camacho's case will be heard by the employment tribunal on October 21st.

Camacho, who was put on notice of dismissal last month for allegedly poor performance of his duties, is claiming interim relief on the basis that the real reason for his dismissal was his trade union activities. Before his dismissal Camacho was the Facebook cleaners' union rep. He was also instrumental in organising a number of protests against excessive workloads at Facebook, about which he and his colleagues have bee campaigning for many months.

Cleaning Supervisor Dismissed from Facebook

September 16th 2021

Guillermo Camacho has been dismissed from Facebook


Protest: Friday September 17th


'Removed' Facebook union rep faces decision day


Today is the day Guillermo Camacho will learn what his future holds.

Facebook cleaners face escalating workloads crisis


Churchill Cleaning, the employer of the Facebook London cleaners, has escalated the growing workloads crisis.

Churchil has doubled the workloads of the cleaners at the social media giant's 10 Brock Street offices since taking over the Facebook cleaning contract in January from Bidvest Noonan. The company has also removed the cleaners' CAIWU trade union reprresentative Guillermo Camacho. And now it is trying to implement similar changes at Facebook's London HQ in Rathbone Square.

Further Facebook Protests Planned

The Facebook campaign goes on.

On July 21st, several dozen cleaners at Facebook's 10 Brock Street offices took to the streets. The purpose: to tell their employer, Churchill Cleaning, that enough is enough.

They cannot work harder just because Churchill has added five new floors to the area they have to clean.

They cannot work harder to make up for Churchill's failure to replace cleaners who have left.

Facebook Cleaners – here we go again

Protest planned for 10 Brock Street at 4pm on July 21st

We all thought the saga of the Facebook cleaners during the pandemic was over when they successfully resisted Noonan's attempts to implement a full-scale reorganisation during the summer of 2020.

Sadly, it hasn't turned out that way. When Noonan's contract with Facebook ended in January, it was taken over by the Churchill Group, who have turned out to be at least as bad as Noonan, and possibly worse.

Victory at Facebook - all cleaners reinstated

We are pleased to say we received an email on Thursday evening from Bidvest Noonan oinforming us of their decision not to proceed with their restructuring plans.

This means that all the affected cleaners will revert to their previous roles with terms and conditions unaffected.

Sincerere thanks to all who supported the cleaners in any way, however small. Your contribution was vital to this amazing success.

More to follow...