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JPC/Samsic dismissal dispute

From today, Monday, April 12, 2021, 5 out of 16 CAIWU essential workers are facing dismissal at the hands of JPC Cleaning Services. JPC, a “premium London brand” is a subsidiary company of Samsic UK. Samsic UK itself part of Samsic Groupe, with an international client base in 25 countries, 30,000 customers, 93,000 employees and a revenue of 2.6 billion Euros according to their website. JPC/Samsic are the appointed facilities service provider of Broadgate Estates in London.

UEL no see

The University of East London (UEL) is situated in the Borough of Newham, which has been one of the hardest hit Covid19 areas of the country by infection rates, per capita deaths and the personal and economic impact of the current pandemic. In combination, inadequate housing, widespread poverty, along with endemic job insecurity explain why the local population is at a much higher risk of Covid related mortality.

Protests to continue at UEL

After the success of the protests by cleaning workers and academic staff at UEL on the last two Tuesdays, the protests are set to continue over the coming weeks.

The cleaners are campaigning over four basic issues:

  • Unfair pay
  • Rising workloads
  • Cuts to holidays & contracts
  • Favouritism

See our UEL campaign page for more details.


Support the Virgo Fidelis cleaners

In a not uncommon move, Virgo Fidelis School changed suppliers for its cleaning contract in 2019.

The cleaning contract is now with Ridge Crest Cleaning, who have tried to enforce illegal changes to cleaners’ terms and conditions.

Needless to say, cleaners at the school are not putting up with this. But Ridge Crest has been intimidating cleaners who resist the changes, for example by disciplining those who refuse to accept the increased workloads.

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