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BMA: Lead The Way

Cleaners at the British Medical Association’s prestigious central London HQ in Tavistock Square have had enough of being treated like second class citizens.

Why do the BMA’s own employees benefit from things like life assurance, a top-class pension scheme and extra annual leave for major life events, while the cleaners who keep the building fit for occupation have to do without?

Further Facebook Protests Planned

The Facebook campaign goes on.

On July 21st, several dozen cleaners at Facebook's 10 Brock Street offices took to the streets. The purpose: to tell their employer, Churchill Cleaning, that enough is enough.

They cannot work harder just because Churchill has added five new floors to the area they have to clean.

They cannot work harder to make up for Churchill's failure to replace cleaners who have left.

Facebook Cleaners – here we go again

Protest planned for 10 Brock Street at 4pm on July 21st

We all thought the saga of the Facebook cleaners during the pandemic was over when they successfully resisted Noonan's attempts to implement a full-scale reorganisation during the summer of 2020.

Sadly, it hasn't turned out that way. When Noonan's contract with Facebook ended in January, it was taken over by the Churchill Group, who have turned out to be at least as bad as Noonan, and possibly worse.

Announcement 28.01.21

From the “shadow of vast despair”, CAIWU would like to announce that the British Medical Association have done the right thing on this occasion and instructed their outsourced company, City West Services, to reinstate the 30 essential workers/cleaners at BMA House in central London (agreeing to cover their salaries up until the end of the current furlough).

Victory at Facebook - all cleaners reinstated

We are pleased to say we received an email on Thursday evening from Bidvest Noonan oinforming us of their decision not to proceed with their restructuring plans.

This means that all the affected cleaners will revert to their previous roles with terms and conditions unaffected.

Sincerere thanks to all who supported the cleaners in any way, however small. Your contribution was vital to this amazing success.

More to follow...


Lies, Damned Lies and Redundancies

Confusion is mounting over Facebook’s claim that none of its London cleaners’ jobs are at risk.

Up to fifteen cleaners at Facebook’s London offices are facing the threat of redundancy.

This is in direct conflict with Facebook’s public statement that the company “will pay contingent workers that cannot work due to reduced staffing requirements during voluntary work from home, when we close an office, when we choose to send an employee home, or when they are sick”.

Facebook Cleaners to Protest Again on Friday 23rd October

Following the fantastic protest on October 9th, the Facebook cleaners facing redundancy will take to the streets again on Friday October 23rd at 2pm.

Please join them if you can to show your support for their cause.

1 Rathbone Square
Off Newman Street
London W1T 1FB


Facebook Cleaners Make Their Mark

On Friday October 9th, the Facebook cleaners threatened with redundancy took to the streets to make their point. The cleaners find their jobs and livelihoods under threat just weeks after being highly praised for their critical contribution to keeping Facebook clean and safe for all during the recent pandemic lockdown.

Support the cleaners – help them defend their jobs.

Kuwait Investment Office cleaners under attack

Cleaners employed by Julius Rutherfoord at the Kuwait Investment Office are under attack.

Two years ago they won the London Living Wage from Tenon FM, their employer at the time. Now their new employer, Julius Rutherfoord Cleaning, is refusing to honour the agreement.

Julius Rutherfoord is also increasing the cleaners’ workloads.

The cleaners’ rights are supposed to be protected under TUPE regulations, which state that the terms and conditions of workers transferred to a new employer are guaranteed, and can’t be changed without consultation.

Facebook Cleaners Protest – Friday October 9th, 2pm

The Facebook cleaners will be protesting in defence of their jobs on Friday October 9th at 2pm

1 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1FB

Please come along and support them - in a Covid-secure way.



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