Trouble at Google

Big trouble is brewing at Google, where a whole lot of issues have been compounded by the suspension of two CAIWU members – the two elected workers’ reps – on dubious grounds.

Mary Hanbury has written about it at length for the Business Insider:


AVIVA – so big they named a building after it!

The St Helens building in the City of London used to be called the Aviva tower, after the UK’s biggest general insurance company.

It has a lot of glass, which takes a fair bit of cleaning.

Aviva made a profit of over £3 billion in 2018. But it won’t provide the money to fund reasonable benefits for its cleaners – the kind of benefits most people take for granted. Like sick pay, cover pay, and paid breaks during the day.

Royal Opera House Revisited...

Almost exactly one year ago, CAIWU members won a staggering victory at the Royal Opera House.

Six cleaners employed by Kier at the ROH were dismissed in acts of retribution — the six had been instrumental in organizing a successful London Living Wage campaign. Together, CAIWU and the ROH workers launched a campaign which ended in all six getting their jobs back.

As part of the campaign, the renowned Spanish political artist Yeyei Gomez produced a cartoon which told the story behind the dismissals and explained why the workers were protesting.

Lilian Bayliss Technology School says it wants to ensure quality through action...


So why doesn't it pay its cleaners the London Living Wage?

Cleaners employed by Engie at the Lilian Baylis Technology School earn the national minimum wage of just £8.21 per hour. They’re campaigning for the London Living Wage and need your support. When we spoke to Engie they said the school had refused to fund the increase – in spite of its commitment to equality.

Here’s what you can do to help the cleaners:

Facebook & To Go Micro Kitchens: Giving with one hand, taking with the other

Catering services at Facebook’s London HQ in Rathbone Square are provided by a company called To Go Micro Kitchens.

To Go provides instant drinks and snacks out of machines and fridges maintained by a number of workers who ran a successful London Living Wage campaign in February 2019.

Since then, the workers have been victimised, bullied, threatened with dismissal, and had their workloads increased.

Now they have had enough of being bullied and victimised for standing up for their rights.


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