Reinstate the Italian Consulate Six!

When Carlos Porco woke up on February 11th he thought it was just like any other Monday morning. He and his colleagues knew that when they turned up at work they’d have a new employer.

But they never imagined they wouldn’t have a job.

The Consulate’s cleaning contract used to be operated by MSCS Cleaning. In January 2019 they were informed the contract would be taken over by Cleanology on February 11th. But when the day arrived, the take-over didn’t happen.

Meaning that we have no idea who is cleaning the consulate now. All we do know is that Carlos no longer has a job. And neither do his colleagues – Erica, Jackson, Stalin, William and Monica.

What the Consulate have done is totally illegal. And because the cleaners are no longer at work they can’t even go on strike. But they can protest. Which is what they intend to do on May 1st. And to keep doing until they get their jobs back.

Join them to protest at the Italian Consulate

Where: Harp House, 83-86 Farringdon St, London EC4A 4BL

When: Wednesday May 1st 2019 at 12.45pm

Consulate Mayday 2019 flyer 1.4 front

Consulate Mayday 2019 flyer 1.4 back

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