Deep Trouble at Indepth

Indepth Managed Services are the cleaning contractors for Arup, a major company of ‘built environment’ specialists.

The trouble with Indepth is that they don’t seem to understand the basic arrangement between themselves and their employees. The deal is that the cleaners turn up for work and do their jobs, and in exchange they get paid — the proper amount, and on time.

So when they began failing to keep their side of the bargain over the past few weeks, it was always going to end badly.

First, Nilza Mendes collapsed when she discovered that part of her wages were missing, and ended up in hospital. She missed five hours of work, and Indepth is now refusing to pay her for the time she was off, despite it being their fault.

Later the same day, Victor Marques grew so frustrated at not being paid properly that he told Indepth he was no longer prepared to work weekends until it was sorted out. Their response was to dismiss him for allegedly threatening a colleague.

Victor says he didn’t threaten anybody — he was just standing up for his right to get paid.

Everybody deserves to get paid in full and on time, Indepth. What’s so hard to understand about that?

We’re organizing a protest on November 24th at Arup’s West End offices in support of Nilza and Victor. Please come along and support us.

Indepth protest flyer 17-11-2017

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