John Lewis customers calling!

jlSee below for ANOTHER letter written to John Lewis in support of their outsourced workers.


Dear Sir Charlie

We are a group of longstanding ( 40 years plus) customers of John Lewis and Waitrose, many of us also being account holders and partnership card holders. Some of our adult children are  customers too and they are writing separately to you.

We are extremely unhappy that John Lewis’s contracted out cleaners receive less than the London Living Wage. We have read about the highly positive performance of  John Lewis and Waitrose, the fact that John Lewis is now the leading UK retailer in terms of market share,and we have noted the bonus payments to partners ( but not of course contracted out staff) made possible by the company’s results.

We are customers of John Lewis because we support the ethos of the company and its stated aim of treating customers, suppliers  and partners with fairness. Given the profit level of the company it appears very unfair  that the company is not prepared to show leadership in the retail sector by obliging the employing agency to pay the London  living wage to this group of  cleaners.

We call on you to listen to us, your customers, and to renegotiate your contract with the relevant agency to enable the cleaners to receive a living wage.

Please reply to all.

Yours sincerely


Joan Winship
Tina Lavelle
Susan Evans
Pat Baxter
Clare Fowler
Catherine Lavelle
Sandra Jones
Fiona Brownlee
Liz Sippy
Debbie Fuller
Penelope Cave
Denise Wisdom
David Carrier
Kate O’Shea
Christine Miller
Sheila Sinclair
Angela Jones
Vivien Abrahams
Kathyrn Bell
Judy Henderson
Alice Onion
Andrew Bell
Jenny Duncan
Ann Reysersbach
Francesca Rapael Lincoln
Jane Westland
Helen Haddon
Ruth Curson
Frances Harrison
Kathleen Pirkis
Eddie Leggett
Jill Buckler
Judith McKnight
Lone Reddin
Jenny Purkis
Jenny Bell
Lesley Taylor
John Light
Tim Morten
Mark Mildred
Caroline Whitehead
Jane Eades
Maureen Cooper
Roger Appleton
Niamh Coyne
Lis Walker
Sally Watling
Des Brogen
Robert Golding
Paul Burgess
Betty Banks
Stuart Beck
Stephen Smith
Frances Kirkwood
Linda Hawthorne
Caroline Nelson
Dorothy West
Sharon Dalziel
Annie Marshall
Julie Brand
Claire Jackson
Ann Creighton
Ann Forster
Bernard Monaghan
Fiona Wallace
Geraldine Gleeson
Ian Jewesbury
Jackie Payne
Janet Bell
Jimmy Hawthorne
Jill D’Cruz
John Spencer
Linda Martin
Trevor D’Cruz
Tricia Ross
Sarah Rackham
Maureen Spencer
Sean Creighton
Sue Bairstow
Sue Baxter
Susan Lakeman
Viv Blyth
Jane Lambert
Ann Brimelow
Pat Ryan
Judith Altshul
Jean Woods
Alun Armstrong
Clive Millar

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